Response to Gary A. Kreps and Susan L. Bosworth’s Comments Regarding David F. Gillespie’s Review of Organizing, Role Enactment and Disaster: A Structural Theory.

August 1983 (VOL. 1, NO. 2)

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I was happy to learn that Kreps and Bosworth responded to my review. Dialogue, when it happens, is healthy for science as it is for life in general. I was less happy after reading the response that they wrote. Rather than accept any of the points I made, they seem to believe that my assessment was unfair because I failed to “engage” their theory. However, if one believes, as I do, that the data and analyses are flawed, then it does not make sense to argue about the theory. What theory? Theory exists when hypotheses are corroborated by valid data. If hypotheses have been inferred from data that lack validity, then there is no theory, at least not yet. In responding to the two general issues and five specific points raised by Kreps and Bosworth, I attempt to clarify my original assessment.