Relocation or Proximity? Major Factors Associated with Prolonged Impact Following Dioxin Contamination and Flooding in Missouri

March 1992 (VOL. 10, NO. 1)

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Original data collected in the AARP-Andrus study were used as basis for comparative study of delayed recovery by disaster type, proximity, and relocation. Disaster samples included 109 flooded, 100 dioxin-contaminated, and 145 affected by both disaster at Times beach or a total of 354 S\\'s. Proximity (had or still resided on confirmed dioxin sites), and disaster type were significantly associated with delayed recovery. Relocation was not associated with recovery; however, lack of permanent relocation and attitudes toward relocation were found to affect recovery among the dioxin sample; with younger persons reporting greater effects than elders. Data support other studies on chemical disasters; and add the components of examining effects of relocation and proximity, and the prolonged effects of man-made disasters vs. natural disasters.